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What is a box break?
A box break (aka group break) is an event where collectors buy a spot in the break in exchange for receiving some of the cards in the case/box/pack. These are typically live streamed so that all participants in the box break can share in the excitement of seeing the pulls and hits as they happen. Box breaks have become a popular and economic way for collectors to get potentially higher-value or rarer cards without having to buy a whole box or case themselves.

What your money buys you.
When a break spot is purchased you are randomly given a team securely via a verified service which is live streamed, then each card that’s pulled out in the boxes will be mailed to you securely packaged (any cards over the value of $100 will be sent via registered post if you wish to purchase postal insurance or have your cards shipped express post please discuss this with Shaun) those cards are then yours to do as you wish. (Base Cards will only be sent on request) The cost also covers miscellaneous expenses such as top loaders, sleeves packaging and all associated postage cost..

Breaks are sold and ran through our Facebook Group. Check it out the group below

FastBreaks Break Group